Six Features You Should Not Miss in Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is full of new features. Some are fairly minor adjustments like the Settings shortcut in the notification bar. Other features, such as improved photo editing process, will certainly have a bigger punch on the general user experience.

Now listed here are 5 of the new features of the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 mobile OS, with the sixth feature being a workaround should you decide against lock-screen widgets.

Developer Options
Developer Options is a useful settings function for developers and those who want to “meddle with” their phone. In the Jelly Bean 4.2, Android hid the Developer Options in the Settings menu. But they are not lost; just a few taps and you can get them back.

Lock screen widgets
From the very beginning, widgets have been a key feature of the Android OS, but up until Jelly Bean 4.2, those widgets can only be placed on the home screen. From now on, users can put Gmail and Calendar preview and more widgets to their lock screen. Besides, users also can open the camera app with a single tap after unlock your device.

Disable lock screen widgets
Not a fan of random strangers being able to pick up your device and view previews of your messages or your e-mails? I can’t say I blame you. Even if you delete the widgets from your lock screen, you may not want to see the boxes blink every time you unlock your device. I can’t blame you for that either. Luckily, a developer has released an app to eliminate the widgets and camera shortcut.

Improved photo editing
You may probably have the same experience as mine that ever started to edit a photo but unexpectedly forget what the original photo looked like. It does happen. Usually, we do so much editing only to end up with getting a worse-look photo back in the end. With Jelly Bean 4.2, you can easily reveal the original photo without losing any of the edits you’ve made with only a simple gesture.

Jelly Bean Daydreams
Jelly Bean 4.2 also provides a new screensaver mode, activated while your device is charging or docked. But they are not named as screensavers; instead, Google calls them Daydreams. There’s a total of five preinstalled Daydreams, with a sixth Daydream needed to be unlocked through a secret method. OK, it’s not something top secret, but it’s not somewhat the common user knows about.

Photo Sphere and Google Maps
Photo Sphere is a really cool new feature in Jelly Bean 4.2 that allows users to shoot 360-degree panoramic photos of their surroundings. Once you’re done taking the photo, you’ll have truly created a Photo Sphere and can even use the gyroscope built into your device to view it. Another way you can use your new Photo Sphere is to upload it to Google Maps, making it viewable to Google Maps users.

There are still plenty of new features worth mentioning left in the Android Jelly Bean 4.2. For example, Tablets now have multiple-user support, and there’s even an AirPlay-like feature for sharing content from your device with your TV.

As we continue to learn and use the OS, we will share more features and links to tips and tricks for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on our FaceBook and Twitter. Tell us what you think about it!

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