FlipShare video sharing for Mac

If you own a Flip video camera you will know how easy it is to edit and share your own video creations with the Flipshare application that ships with very Flip camera really  shouldn’t be under estimated for ease editing and sharing.

The Flipshare application doesn’t ship on CD but is actually stored on the Flip camera itself, (see the screenshot below) this isn’t an attempt to save on packaging or CD creation but a means of allowing Flip owners to have editing and sharing software everywhere they use their cameras.

Simple plug the camera into the USB port on your computer and a drive will appear containing both the Windows and Mac versions of the FlipShare application.

Once installed FlipShare will load the various videos from your Flip camera. A yellow warning triangle to the top left of each clip indicates those videos that have not yet been transfered over to your computer’s hard drive.

1. Import and Play

I have numbered the three key aspects of FlipShare, Import, Share and Create. The FlipShare application offers a very simple workflow for quick, easy editing and sharing of video. Step 1 is to import the video from the camera over to your computer hard drive.

This should be  a relatively quick process (depending on the length of video you have recorded) given my previous camcorder involved a tape, firewire cable and 1min import time for every 1min of video the Flip by comparison is like lightning.

FlipShare also allows you to trim clips or select short sections from your video by double clicking on the appropriate thumbnail this will load the video into a simple editing window.

Simply drag the start and end markers to the appropriate points in your video and click either Save or Save As.

Opting for the Save As option allows such edits to be non destruction, select a section of video from your clip, click save and the new video clip appears in the preview window.

2. Sharing Clips

Once you have edited your video clip FlipShare offers a number of ways to share your footage with family and friends. You can Email, Share online via services such as YouTube and even create digital ‘Greeting Cards’ that places your video in the appropriate and often sickly border or background.

Greetings cards might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the ability to instantly share video by email or post it directly to YouTube from within FlipShare make it the perfect sharing solution for most users.

3. Create

FlipShare allows you to create a full movie using any number of clips stored on your computer.

Simply drag the clips in the order you want them to appear and Flipshare will do the rest.

You can add start and end credits and even credit your Flip camera with a ‘created on Flip Video logo’ at the end of the exported clip.

Click next to enter your credit information, once complete Flipshare will then process and create your epic film.

Rendering and processing can take quite some time depending on the length of your final production this is to be expected given your computer is processing crystal clear High Definition video.

Once FlipShare has finished exporting your video it will appear in your video library along with the initial clips from the Flip camera.

You can literally capture, trim and share video on YouTuin minutes making FlipShare the ideal solution for anyone who wants to capture life without the work normally associated with working with high definition video.

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