How to edit flip video on Mac os x & Windows with Jaycut online free video editor

JayCut video editor can prove to be a useful online video editing tool. Its features include: Webcam and voice-over: Capture video and audio directly from your webcam or microphone to create a digital greeting, a presentation with your own audio narration or a voice-over tutorial; Slow motion effects: Create astonishing movies with effects such as slow motion and variable playback speed. You can adjust the length of a clip to match the shot to the length of the voice-over; Green screen: create effects seen in movies.

How to edit flip video on Mac os x & Windows with Jaycut online free video editor?
Step one:  Register (creating an account)
Once you have created an account, click the “Create Movie” button, and then choose the right language.It will show you interface like the following:

Step Two: Uploading Flip Video
Click the “Add Media” button to Browse and find flip movies that you want to use in your project, then click “Upload”.Fill in the description of your project .

Step Three:Edit Flip Video
Just drag the Flip Video Clips you want to use to the play bars below.  You can rearrange them just make sure you put music in the music bar, images/photos and movies in the Video A or B bar.  You can choose to preview as you go at the bottom of the window below the view box.You also have the option of using transitions and effects.  You drag and drop the effects /transitions you want to use as you did the media.

Step Four: Save edited Flip Video

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