How to edit flip video with FlipShare editing software on Windows XP

First, Follow these steps to install FlipShare in Windows XP:

Plug the camera into a free USB 2.0 port.

The camera makes its little “ba-lip” power-on sound and starts charging. Then Windows takes a couple of seconds to recognize the camera and automatically install the proper drivers.

Instruct Windows to use FlipShare.

A FLIPVIDEO window appears, offering you a variety of choices, from viewing video with a built-in program to viewing a slideshow of images. You’re interested in that first choice.

Choose View Your Flip Camcorder Videos Using the Program Provided on the Device, and click the OK button.

The FlipShare installer application launches. It takes a little over a minute to install the software and place a FlipShare shortcut on the desktop.

Then you can feel free to edit flip video on Windows XP with Flipshare.

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