How to use MPEG Streamclip flip video editor free edit flip video on Mac os x & Windows

MPEG Streamclip is a powerful free video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows. Its Editor features as the following:
– cut/copy/paste of MPEG files and transport streams, at keyframe (GOP) level
– frame accurate cut/copy/paste of QuickTime files
– trimming function, with unique “revert trimming” feature
– access to keyframes with arrow keys
– edit list

How to use MPEG Streamclip flip video editor free edit flip video on Mac os x & Windows?
Download and Installing Streamclip
The coolest feature of MPEG Streamclip is the fact that it is free. If you follow the link you will find the Mac version of Streamclip. If you are a windows user, use the link to find the windows version of Streamclip.

Mac Users
When the program is done downloading for a Mac, all one has to do is drag and drop the program into the Applications folder in your hard disk.

Windows Users
When finished downloading in Windows the program will need to be decompressed before it can be used. Simply open the folder containing the program and click on the file labeled MPEG Streamclip, the file will automatically decompress and the .exe (or application file) will be available to use.

Opening a File
To open a file in Streamclip click File, next click Open Files, select the video file you would like to view or edit, then click Open.

Clipping Flip video: select which part of the video file you have opened you wish to export from Streamclip. To do this we will use the In/Out function in the program. Your In time will be where the clip you wish to export will start and your Out time will be where you wish the clip to end. To position the cursor for your In time you may simply drag the time cursor to anytime you wish to begin. If an exact time is desired click Edit and select Go to Time and enter the desired time. To set your In/Out times, position your cursor where you would like the In/Out to be and click Edit and choose either Select In or Select Out. When you are finished making your selection the area selected should be highlighted in dark grey on the timeline.

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