2 Best Free Screen Recording Tools/Software for Mac

In the past days I’ve tried a few different applications to record and process screen recording videos on a Mac– some only capture images, others record the screen and some of them listed below additionally record sound. Now I will show you two useful screen recording tools—-both of them are freeware.

1. Capture Me

Capture Me however, offers more options like a floating capture window, which is resizable to different resolutions and provides several output options. As well as Copernicus, Capture Me only provides a screen capturing mode, for taking pictures. A video recording mode – again with no sound – does exist, but with a limited duration of one minute it is useless for recording video tutorials.

2. Copernicus

Copernicus allows you to record screenshots, very short videos, but no sound. You can take images and store them in a virtual photo gallery or just save them on your Mac. I recommend using this application for taking images, when writing a tutorial, where screenshots are needed or whenever you want to demonstrate a particular moment on screen.

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