Advice for Google +: Instant Upload

Taking photos is fun. Sharing photos is fun. Getting photos off your phone and on to the web is pretty much the opposite of fun. Google said it’s why they created Instant Upload: so that you never have to worry about losing those memories. And claim to us: from now on, your photos upload themselves.

This is really a sweet little deal that will automatically upload your pictures and video to Picasa (Google’s Web photo-hosting service. Users get 1GB of free hosting, and images can be uploaded and manipulated using Picasa, Google’s free desktop photo management application), all without you having to do anything. It’s something you’ll be asked to set up when you first launch Google+, but it’s worth a deeper look.

Firstly, it’s not quite as mysterious as it sounds. If you enable it, it will upload all of the images on your phone to Picasa. Do care that as indicated by the settings on the screen, only new pictures will automatically upload, but you can enable it to send everything that’s on your phone, too, as you wish. And also focus that by default, these photos are only visible to you — not to everyone in your circles. You still have to share them if you want others to see them. So that picture you took of your butt (or worse) late one night won’t be automatically shared, just uploaded.

If you meet the question that not easy to delete uploaded pictures as we’d like (nor is the selective uploading of batches of images). But as Google+ matures, we only expected it to be better itegrated with the core apps of Android.

Other settings of note: You can choose whether to upload while on mobile networks, or Wifi-only, or if you only want to do photos or photos and video, or only while charging. If you would like upload video to your Android phone, you may need : Video to Android Converter

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