How to read PDF on iPad iBooks like reading Epub

When download some free PDF files on-line, how would we like to read this files on iPad iBooks just epub files, but PDF is not epub, when can’t sync it to iPad iBooks by iTunes, even the latest iTunes 10.5. But you can use free PDF to Epub Converter for Mac here to convert your personal PDF to Epub and Sync it to iBooks and see the effect.
pdf to epub

Firstly I take the PDF file with image and words to the Converter, then put it to the PDF to Epub Converter and it import PDF smoothly which doesn’t disappoint me. Then I ignore the Customize or setting option and directly go to “Start” button, as I want to see the result before we learn that Customize or special function about a app.

I set the destination (Conversion Save location ) on desktop directly. And then connect to iPad. Smoothly iTunes 10.5 run, I click File Menu, and add the converted epub to the Library and see the epub file appear on the Library books Option.
The next Sync and Apply it to iBooks, the effect is satisfying, as I can see the Epun on iPad is as the same size as original PDF files, flip page on iPad smoothly just like flip a real book, yes, really a good experience.

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