Three ways to free download online flash SWF movies for Mac users

Several days ago, one of friends asked me about how to easily download .swf movie online. When surfing the net, i find lots of people also have such confusion. In the following part, i would like to state three solutions for downloading flash .swf videos on the web.

1. Safari
Open a certain web page with flash .swf files embedded.
Select “Activity” under the menu of “Windows”
Choose the file with the extension of .swf, hold down the “Option” button on the keyboard and double-click the selected .swf files. Then the downloaded .swf file will appear in the download folder by default.

2. Use Firefox for Mac
Open the web page that contains the Flash file.
Select “Page Info” from the “Tools” menu.
Click on the “Media” tab.
Locate the file that contains “.swf” in the name under “Address.”
Click the “Save As” button. Click on the triangle next to the “Save As” box and specify where you want to save the .swf file. Click “Save.”

Supposed you are keen on collecting funny flash .swf movies, maybe another third-party program can assist you to efficiently download swf movies. Also, it has more functions included. Let’s have a look at the Mac SWF downloader and its advantages.

Display .swf file only
It save a lot of time to locate the .swf files.

Support preview
Preview the video, then decide to get it or not.

User-friendly interface
Both swf file list and preview Window are designed in the same interface.

In addition, the Mac SWF Grabber can be also served as a SWF video converter, which can convert SWF to MOV, H.264, FLV, MPEG4 and more. Also, it makes you watch flash movies with handy players like iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry on the go.

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