Two solutions to make watermark on the videos

I’ve seen many friends asked for free video watermark software in Yahoo answer or digital support forum. Because after upload their video to YouTube, MySpace, Google Video these website we have to worry our video will be unauthorized using and sharing, and some friends may use paid DMCA to stop unlawful copy and distribution.

Here I offer you the free way to make watermark so you needn’t to shell out your money to buy the paid ones.

Part 1. Use Windows Movie Maker
WMM is good movies making tool, and in its “Edit Movie “offer the “Make titles or credits” function, this a good method to add text log.
To start with, launch the WMM and import the file to WMM and drag the video you want to edit to the “Show Storyboard”.
Second, under the “Edit Movie “option to click “Make titles or credits” to enter the add title interface. Select “Add title on the selected clip”.
1. enter the text content you want to add, and click “Change the title animation” choose any a title animation way you like, such as “Fly in, Top Left”, “Typewriter”, “Ticker Tape” etc. Here I select “Subtitle” effect.

2. To set “Edit Title Font and Color”
Here to choose define the title Color, Size, and Transparency (make the text words bold or italicized).

At last, to output movie by “File”->”Save movie file” or press Control + P.
Here is what the product like with WMM text watermark:

1. WMM offers an abundant text tile animation options which is much appreciated.
2. You can define to add the title “at the beginning”, “before the selected clip”, “on the selected clip” and “after the selected clip” these can satisfy different movie makers require.
It only offer text watermark.
WMM accept limited video formats, and the output WMV file is not the best choice to upload to video share websites like YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace.

Part 2. Use Video to flash Converter
Video to flash Converter has two versions: free trial version and formal version, please choose the free trial version and download it.
As well as WMM, do the preparation before enter the watermark interface:
Launch the Video to Flash Converter Mac and import a file to the program, and choose the “Customize” option.

Step 1: In the “Customize “option to find the “Decorate” option and click “Add Credits”.
Step 2. Add Text watermark
Here to enter the words you want to mark, your name, your exclusive announce or your private website URL.
Hit the right button “T” to define the words typeface and size.
Step 3: Add Image watermark
Here you can upload your image needed, as soon as you upload you can move it to a suitable position you like.
Step 4: URL hyperlink watermark
The URL option under the “Image” option works like this: its URL hyperlinks to the image you add, once the audience clicks the “image” then it will hyperlink to the UPL. This function will embody after you finish the conversion.

Compare with WMM, apart from it can add image watermark and hyperlink watermark to your video; it has a powerful feature below:

Because Video to Flash Converter is also a professional video converter simultaneously it allow you to convert all kind of videos(AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, WMV, M4V, ASF, MKV, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2, DV, FLV, HD) to flash video which is the best uploading format to video share website.

Summary: you can choose the watermark maker according your require and hope this will do you a favor.

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