3 Best Ways to Prevent Files from Being Deleting

I have some files that have been encrypted so they cannot be read but wondered if there was a way to protect them from being deleted.–Yorkie from bleepingcomputer.com

I think this is a common question that lots of people concerned about. You know, we will store various personal data files in the computer. As for the businessmen, they would even have the important files. In light of this, it is quite essential to protect the files from being deleted by someone else by mistake or ignorance. So, is there any workable way to do it? To tell you the truth, there is no way for us to prevent the case happening, but we can make it more secured and difficult to be deleted. The following ways might be of great help to you.

1.Create a Guest Account. By creating a separate account, you can limit the random access to the files. Even if the person who’s using your computer has changed some settings, your data files will be kept away from affecting. To create a separate account, you can follow the steps shown here: 1. click the Start button of the computer and type the word “computer” into the searching box. 2. Click the “Computer Management item”. 3. Navigate the directory on the left of the panel to the “Users Folder” under “Local Users and Groups”, then, use your mouse to double click the “Guest entry”. 4. On the next configuration screen, uncheck the Account Is Disabled box to enable guest accounts. 5. Establish a password for the guest account.

2.Hide Your Files. There is possibility that others can still access the Disk partitions where you data might have got potential risk of being deleted. In this case, you can try this way—hiding the files temporarily. Let me show you the step by taking an example. Now, we have got a file with the name “a happy trip” on the desktop. Firstly, we should select the file, and then right click on the mouse. Secondly, mouse to the “Properties”, choose “Hidden” from the “Attributes”. Thirdly, click the “OK” button. After clicking, a small window will show up, you need to choose “Apply changes to the files and subfolders in the folder”.

3.Backup the File Online. Yes, you can have your important files saved online by the awesome Cloud Computing for more security. Believe it or not, cloud storage of files is increasingly becoming a necessity for more and more consumers. Currently, there are not many famous services, of which the Drop box, Google Docs, Google Drive and SkyDrive are the top ones, allowing users to save unlimited data to the cloud. Last but not least, remember to hide the file/folder location of the services, so as to save it from getting deleted.

If you have any other good ways to keep the files away from deleting by others, it would be very nice of you to let us know.

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