4 Easy Ways to Take Screenshots on Mac OS X

One of the most frequent questions for new Mac users, is how to make screenshots on OS X. On PC, we know that there is a key labeled ‘Print Screen’, with which we can pass on, to capture what we see on the screen to the Clipboard, and then we paste into Paint for example. But without ‘Print Screen’ key on Mac, how do we capture screenshot?

Well, don’t worry about it. You will find out that it is very easy to do this with the following four methods:
Method 1. Shift + Command + 3
With this key combination, you will automatically capture all your screen, and the file is created on the desktop called ‘Picture 1.png’

Method 2. Shift + Command + 4
It this way, the cursor changes to a crosshair that you can drag to select a hand on the screen what we want to capture. It also creates a file on the desktop called ‘Picture 1.png’

Method 3. Shift + Command + 4, then spacebar
If after doing the above key combination you press the space bar, the cursor changes to a camera, so we choose what we want to capture particular window. The captured image will appear on your desktop with the name ‘Picture 1.png’.

Method 4. The program ‘Instant’
With it we can do the same with the previous keyboard shortcuts, but the capture, the image is opened in a window and we can print it or save it wherever we want. There is also a more ‘screen capture timer’. Works just like the cameras, there is a countdown in seconds and takes the picture.
Finally, when captured with the three combinations of keys, if you press too ‘Control’ key, instead of generating a file on the desktop, the picture is saved to the clipboard for the peguemos where we want.

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