4 Great Tools to Create GIF Images

Capable of containing a maximum of 256 colors, GIF file format is commonly used for graphics presented on websites. One of the most highlights of GIF file is that the image quality will not be sacrificed as file size reduces. Besides, GIF files also support transparent backgrounds, making it possible to blend with website background colors.

Currently, the GIF images are commonly seen on many websites or web forums. If you often hang out the Social Networking Sites (SNS) such as Google Plus/Tumblr and other web forums, you will come across many .gif images which are funny as hell. Actually, chances are good that you can make the funny, creative and exciting GIF images with the help of some useful tools, so that you can share your master piece online as you wish. For reference, we specially sort out some great tools that help you to create .gif images at ease.


It is a free GIF making software. It allows you to make stylish & creative gif images from YouTube videos. The operation is simple and straightforward; you only need to enter the YouTube URL from which you would like to create your GIF. It is a pity that it supports YouTube videos only. If you want to generate GIFs out of the source videos from other websites, you should refer to other software instead.


Imgflip is a good Gif maker, allowing users to create unique animated GIFs online from source videos or images. You can directly copy-n-paste the video’s URL from video-sharing websites like YouTube or upload the source videos and then generate.gif file. This software can support lots of popular videos such as flv, avi, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, wmv, 3gp, asf, ogg, h264, rm, etc. The operation is quite simple with 3 steps required–add source media, customize the options such as image dimension, quality, etc, and then start to generate GIF images. Tips: if you want to import SWF Flash videos to the program and create GIFs, it is recommend to try the all-in-one SWF Video Converter which can fast extract images from SWF and save as .gif, .jpg, .png, bmp format without damaging the image quality.


VidGIF is a great tool for making animation GIFs out of the source video files. It is able to support a large number of video formats including VI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, FLV, etc. With the help of VidGIF, you can create cool avatars, animated logos easily, besides, it also allows you to customize the width, height and FPS of the GIF animations as you wish.

4.Make A Gif

It provides a free and easy way for you to make your own GIF images online. There are three ways by which you can create a gif easily. The first one is to use your webcam to take pictures or record a video and then load them into the software. The second one, create a GIF from a YouTube URL and the third way is to upload your favorite videos as the source material. The usage of this “Make A Gif” is also very simple since there are clear instructions provided to help you.

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