Apple solution to iPhone 4S battery problem

Apple Wednesday admitted and vowed to address reports of a bug involving the battery life of the iPhone 4S.
“A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices,” the company said in a statement issued to the website All Things D. “We have found a few bugs that are affecting battery life and we will release a software update to address those in a few weeks.” we can’t make sure whether it’s because the iOS 5 leak but soon Apple response to the solution to solve the problem.

In a recent patent application uncovered by AppleInsider, Apple is investigating the use of power-efficient organic light-emitting diode displays for its mobile devices, a technology that could help improve the battery life of iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Apple is banking on OLED’s light emissive approach, which has lower power constraints than LED’s light transmissive technology, currently used in iPhones and iPads.
In short, when OLED displays need to show white, it uses a ton of power to do so. As AppleInsider notes, the darks are darker, the contrast ratio is better, and the power efficiency is outstanding–save for when white is the dominating color on screen.
According to AppleInsider, “Apple’s proposed solution to this problem would include a transparent OLED display panel positioned in front of a solid white background layer, like a white transflective sheet. The display would also feature an opacity switchable layer located between the OLED panel and the background layer.”

Basically if the display needs to be mostly white, the OLED display gives way to the background layer and the battery is saved from having to generate a typical OLED white color.

The mobile technology industry largely relies on battery technology to drive its products. Thus, any advancement in that area could mean a huge competitive advantage. Apple has always been at the forefront of battery and power efficiency technology, so it’s no surprise to see it applying for patents to protect its research.

We absolutely expect the solution can be put onto effect as soon as possible, as battery waiting is not as easy as waiting for iPhone 5.
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