Arrange the icons on iPhone and iPad regularly

After a long period use of your iPhone, iPad, it will have several screens of applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Is it hard to find the ones you need?
Yes, sometimes even you will be whiny about it and hope to find a easy and better way.

Both iPhone and iPad come with pre-installed Applications, and you can add more Applications from the iTunes Store.
To move between Pages of Applications tap just to the left or right of the small row of dots below the Application icons. There is one dot per Page.

In these instructions I’ll just take iPhone for example, but everything is just the same on the iPod touch. These instructions were written for an iPhone running version 2.2.1 of the Operating System. Older or newer versions may differ.

1. Switch on your iPhone and unlock it. The Applications screen appears, displaying one of the pages of Applications.
2. To return to the first Applications page press the Home button once.
3. To enable moving Applications around press and hold on any Application. After a moment the icons begin to jiggle, and some display an X in the top left corner. The icons without an X are built-in and cannot be removed.
4. To delete an Application tap the X. An alert appears asking for confirmation. To abandon the change click Cancel. To confirm the deletion click Delete.
5. To move an Application drag its icon to a new position. The other icons move to make way for it. Drag the icon to the right to move it to a new page, or to the left to move it back a page.
6. When you’ve finished moving icons press the Home button once. The icons stop jiggling and the changes are saved.

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