Choose Windows phone 7 for Christmas 2011

Windows Phone 7 changed all that, bringing integration with Facebook, a clear, touch-friendly user interface, slick multimedia functionality and Xbox Live games and connectivity.

Of course, Microsoft didn’t forget its roots, either. There’s email and Exchange support, and it’s the only mobile OS with official Microsoft Office apps. All of this means there’s something for everyone, so we’ve looked at what’s best for each kind of owner below.

And now we’re being treated to Windows Phone 7.5 (or Mango to its friends) with a raft of improvements including multi-tasking, improved efficiency and better live tiles than ever before – so check out our updated list of Windows Phones, no matter how you like to use your mobile.

Best for photos – Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800 packs an 8MP camera with dual-LED flash, putting it firmly among the best Windows Phone cameras around.

But there’s more to cameras than just megapixels, and Nokia obviously know this: the results when shooting are crisp and detailed and even night time shots perform well, with good colours and contrast with and without the flash enabled.

Best for size – HTC Titan

It’s no surprise that the HTC Titan is big. In fact at 131.5mm x 70.7mm it’s one of the biggest handsets out there, and it makes the most of that real estate with a 4.7 inch screen that packs in decent-looking Super LCD tech to make the contrast ratios look better than other liquid crystal offerings.

Best for value – HTC Radar

The HTC Radar has the look and feel of a top end handset, with an attractive aluminium body and a reassuring weightiness.It is also among the first phones to run Windows Phone 7.5 and packs a great keyboard, strong battery life and a respectable 1GHz processor. That might not be the fastest around compared to the 1.4Ghz or 1.5Ghz options on more expensive phones, but rarely shows a stutter in tests.

Best for apps – LG Optimus 7

The Optimus 7 boasts two clever apps in particular that neatly expand on what Windows Phone 7 can do.Play To is a DLNA app, enabling you to stream photos, music and videos between devices. It’s a great way to send photos quickly to your TV for viewing, or sending your music to someone else’s PC for an evening’s entertainment.

About the Software:

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