Copying music from iPod to PC

For Mac Users:
Everyone knows that to copy music from iPod, one needs iTunes to be installed. But what if something happens to your iTunes library and you won’t be able to sync your iPod with it? There’s a way to copy music to your Mac without iTunes.

1. Plug your iPod into your Mac.
2. Hold down the Command and Option keys. As a result of this combination iTunes won’t sync to your iPod.
3. Your iPod will be shown in the Finder sidebar. You won’t be able to instantly view the music files; however, the following Terminal command will make them visible:
Defaults write com. apple. Finder Apple Show All Files YES
4. Click and hold the Finder icon in the Dock, press the Option key and select Relaunch. The Finder will restart and display all invisible files.

For Windows Users:
Above the Mac solution we can do without iTunes, but on Windows, iTunes is a necessary.

1. Connect your iPod — if iTunes loads when you plug in your iPod, and is set to automatically sync your entire library (erasing your iPod), you MUST stop it — hit the little “X” in the upper right hand corner of the window.
2. Open your iPod — It should show up on “My Computer “as a “Mobile Device”; Right click and choose “Explore”. Alternatively, go to the Control Panel->Portable Media Devices->and->iPod.
3. Unhide the files — By default, Windows hides hidden files and folders (thus the name). Go to Options (in the Tools menu), and on the View tab, check “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.

Find the Music — The music is stored (in current iPods) in the directory “\iPod_Control\Music”. This may have a lot of odd looking stuff in it — it doesn’t matter; Select everything and drag and drop them to a folder on your hard drive.
4. Configure iTunes — Go into iTunes Preferences, and under the Advanced tab, check “Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized “and “Copy files to iTunes Music Folder when adding to the library” (settings move around a bit between versions of iTunes, but these settings will be there somewhere).
5. Add Your Files — In iTunes, select File, Add Folder to Library, and select the folder where you copied the files from your iPod. Alternatively, just drag and drop this folder onto iTunes

Once you’ve done that, iTunes should sort out the files from the iPod folder structure, put the artist and album information back from the ID3 tags in the music files, and reorganize the whole thing in the iTunes library folder.

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