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“Are you absolutely sure iMovie 09 can export to 1080p? I’ve iMovie08 for a while, been really disappointed with export quality..and have only just found out that it’s because 08 can only do 1080i at best! If I upgrade to latest iLife suite it’d be useful to know!
If I share to media browser in 1080 format can I insert it into an iDVD project to be copied to a non- blu ray disc and played on a regular DVD player?’
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The truth is
” Both iMovie 09 and iMovie 11 can do this. For 1920×1080 footage, you will want to import as “Full” rather than “Large”.
In iMovie 11, there is a 1920×1080 pre-set.
In iMovie 09, you may need to SHARE/export use QuickTime and then choose h.264, 1920×1080 and a high data rate (16Mbs or higher) in the video settings. It has been a while since I used iMovie 09.”
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Here is the detail guide step-by-step.
After finish the editing on iMovie, go to share.
Share > export use QuickTime.

Drop formats menu->Select here “save as MP4″, change MP4 drop-down to MP4 (not MP4 isa or whatever) and fill in the values seen in the following screen shot.

All done. In one step, directly out of iMovie. No special software, add-ons, helper utilities (like the duo JES Deinterlacer and MPEG Streamclip) required.

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