Final Cut Pro X FAQs

Speaking of professional editing system, the first one that comes to our mind is Apple’ Final Cut Pro, following whom comes the Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and more. A research conducted in 2012 showed that FCP had gained over 56% of the video-editing market, proving itself as the “King of Editing Software”.

As a professional video editor, Final Cut Pro represents an ideal post-production workflow, helping all users to polish various videos, be it downloaded from the websites or shot by digital camcorders, etc. Actually, Apple Inc has been making great effort in providing users with more creative editing features. In the latest version 10.0.8(FCP X), a sizable updates were made. A few of them include: 1. Native support for RED, AVCHD, H.264, MXF and more. 2. Support for Sony PMW-F5/F55 XAVC up to 4K resolution. 3. Work with MXF video files by using third-party plug-ins 4. Work perfectly on Mac Book Pro with the Retina display. 5. Faster multichannel audio editing. Besides, it came with a price tag of $299.99, a reasonable price for most users. Looking back to the past few years, to make the video editing required at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily, gone are those days.

Lots of users have updated to get the newest experience. It seems that everything goes smoothly like magic after the update. Most users are happy with FCP X, while on the other hand, there are a lot of questions that demand for the answers. Listed in the following are a few of them.

1. Is it possible to cut or paste clips between the events?

No. not allowed. But drag the video clips from one event to another is OK.

2. How to insert a gap with the magnetic timeline?

There are two ways to manage this. The first one is to use the Position tool, drag the video clips into the timeline. The other is to use the “Edit > Insert Gap” command, a 3-second Gap clip will be inserted.

3.How to switch from Project Library to the Timeline during the process?

To change between Project Library and Timeline, you can either use the key combination of “Command + 0” or press the “Show Project Library” icon.

4.How to save my own effect and title setups?

FCP X allows you to copy and paste the effects, but the customized filter which has been tweaked to apply again? Sorry, NO! In the meanwhile, you can save the Title setups as Motion templates, but this is not the case if the title is created in FCPX.

5. How to handle multiple sources of audio?

You can first keyword every audio as per its specific type and then create corresponding Smart Collections for each of them.

6. Can I set the destination track?

No. FCPX timeline doesn’t provide extract tracks. However, you can edit the audio or video into the timeline alternatively.

Obviously, there are still some minor glitches of FCP X that require fixing. But, we do believe that Apple will do their part in devoting more perfect editing tool for every user.

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