Guide on read Kindle Books on iPhone and iPad

Today ebooks are becoming increasingly popular. Kindle Fire has the most abundant books resource. They’re usually very cheap and delivery takes only a moment. But you don’t have to own a Kindle device to read Kindle books. Instead free software for your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (or other devices) is all you need.

Find a free Kindle reader app
On your iPad or other iOS device tap the icon for the App Store. When the App Store opens tap one of the buttons on the Toolbar at the bottom.
On the iPhone tap the Search button.
On the iPad tap on Featured, Genius, Top Charts, or Categories.

A Search Field appears at the top of the screen. Type in Kindle and then tap the Search button on the on-screen keyboard.

To search for the Kindle app on your Mac either open the App Store. From the Apple menu or visit the Free Kindle Reading Apps page at Amazon.

Searching an App Store may find several apps related to the Kindle. One is simply named Kindle and displays the Kindle logo of a person reading beneath a tree, with a blue background.

Download and install a Kindle reader app
The Kindle app is free so if you found it through an App Store tap on the the button labelled Free. The button changes to say Install App. Tap on the Install App button to download and install the app.

Now on your Mac look in the Applications folder, and on an iOS device look on the pages of apps on screen to find the installed app. Tap to open the app.

Sign in to Amazon
When you first open the Kindle reader app it asks for your Amazon account email address and password. Enter these.
When you enter your Amazon account info the text Register this Kindle appears on screen. Tap that text to continue.
After registering you may see various notices on screen, such as one informing you how to read other documents on your Kindle. Tap the Close button once you’ve read the information.
Now you should see a Home screen which will list any books or book samples you’ve downloaded.

Obtain a Kindle book
Read a Kindle book on your device

Read a Kindle book on your device
After obtaining a sample or a full book open the Kindle app on your device. From the Home screen you may need to tap a Refresh button (usually a pair of circular arrows), or the device may sync automatically.

In a few moments the book will appear on screen with a New tag and perhaps a Sample tag. Tap on a book to open it and start reading.
Except read books on Kindle Fire , you can also play movies on Kindle Fire such as play YouTube Videos on Kindle Fire.

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