How do I import movies to iMovie

Why can’t i import my digital camera’s movies into iMovie?
iMovie will not import any movies recorded on my Sony Cybershot digital camera (even though they are in iPhoto). it DOES import movies from my friend’s and sister’s cameras (they don’t have Sony cameras). Are my videos in the wrong format for iMovie? To what format do i need to convert them to, and how can i do it?
From Yahoo Answer!

When import movies to iMovie, we will meet many little problem—–can import the video to iMovie import window successfully.
And following the steps we will do usually

Firstly update iMovie to iMovie’11
1) Import your photos & videos from your Cyber-Shot camera in iPhoto
2) Open iMovie->File>Import>Movies
3) In the interface that pops up scroll down on the far left side till you see iPhoto
4) Select the videos to import into iMovie

If still do nothing, you may consider whether your camcorder is iMovie’11, iMovie 09 supported modes, you can check here: iMovie’11 supported camcorders

If the camcorder is not in the supported list, then you have to use the third tool—-commercial camcorder AVCHD to iMovie Converter for Mac to import the movies to iMovie directly. Here is the demonstration.

With it you can convert any camcorder AVCHD like Canon, Panasonic, Sony AVCHD to iMovie’11, iMovie 09, iMovie 08 smoothly.

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