How to burn HD video to DVD with iDVD

What is iDVD?

Maybe iDVD is not familiar to those Windows PC users. iDVD to Mac OS X is what Windows Movie Maker to Microsoft Windows system. iDVD is a DVD creation software application made by Apple Inc. for Mac OS X. iDVD allows the user to add QuickTime Movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to a DVD that can then be played on a commercial DVD player. iDVD is considered to be the last step of Apple’s iLife suite, bringing together all the other iLife applications’ results onto a removable medium.

Although iDVD is a popular program for Mac users to burn their video to DVD disc, not all the videos can be import the iDVD for backup to DVD. For example some HD videos form AVCHD camcorders or Flip camera are not supported by iDVD because they don’t have the same aspect ratio or video codec as iDVD acceptable videos.

Apple official website has announced the video format which accepted by latest iDVD 7.0 (iLife ’08), they are as follow.
1. Most video or image files supported by QuickTime
2. 16:9 widescreen formats
3. Any format from iMovie: DV, high-definition video (HDV), MPEG-2 SD, MPEG-2 SD, MPEG-4 SD, MPEG-4 HD, and AVCHD

It is also stressed by Apple that High definition (HD) video have to be converted to work with the format of iDVD if you want to burn them to DVD.

Therefore, here I recommend you to convert HD video to iDVD (also iMovie ) friendly video in advance if you have the requirement of backup HD video to DVD with iDVD on Mac.

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