How to Export iPhoto program as a file to PC

After finishing a iPhoto creating program, you may want to export it as normal video format so it can be dragged to iMovie, iDVD but not just from iPhoto share to other Apple app. Make it a video format, it will be more open to many media player and movie edit tools.

Export iPhoto Slideshow in a right format.
The File-> Export-> Sideshow menu option.
Click Export.
The Export dialog appears.
Click Custom Export and choose a QuickTime format.
The Save As dialog box opens, with the Export pop-up menu of format choices. From the pop-up menu, choose Movie to QuickTime Movie or Movie to MPEG-4, depending on which format you want.
Click Options to set QuickTime video and sound options, such as compression settings and filters, and then click OK.
Type a name for the QuickTime movie and choose where to save it on your hard disk, and then click the Save button.

If you need burn iPhoto Slideshow to DVD, you can go to the step-by-step guide on burn iPhoto Slideshow to DVD.

If you want to create an editable Photo Stream folder in iPhoto, following this:
Step 1. From the File menu, select new Smart Album.
Step 2. In the Smart Album window, give your album a name. Perhaps something creative like “Photo Stream.”
Step 3. From the left pull-down menu under “Match the following condition,” choose “Any Text.”
Step 4. From the middle pull-down menu, choose “contains.”
Step 5. From the right pull-down menu, type “Photo Stream” and click OK.
Your new Photo Stream Smart Album resides under the Albums header in the left panel of iPhoto. And you can jump in and edit, drag, and share photos without the bother of getting redirected to the original first.

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