How to free save Windows Movie Maker file .mswmm to WMV

Sometimes we make a video on Windows Movie Maker and “save” it with the save icon (or Ctrl+S) on the top left corner, it will be a MSWMM project file. MSWMM is not a video format – it is an editor/timeline/etc format which marks video segments, transitions, captions and audio overlays you have used. In a word, just a *Project* file.

Many friends hope to convert MSWMM file to other formats so then you post it to YouTube or Facebook. But the big troublesome comes that: MSWMM even cannot to be chosen to be converted.

Don’t worry, we can easily solve this puzzle just with Windows Movie Maker, seeing is believing, let me show you how to achieve it in a breeze:

Click the “File” menu and choose the “Open Project” option. Now the “Open” window appears, navigate to the folder that contains the MSWMM file and double-click the file to open it.
Click “File”->”Save Movie File”->”My computer”, show as bellow.

Hit “Next” then it appear this window. Enter a file name by yourself and select Desktop as location.
Tip: To change the save folder, hit “Browse” and navigate to the desired save folder in the window that comes up.

Click “Next” again to start encoding your video to WMV format with default settings or you can just it according your favor.

After the saving movie procedure finished, windows movie maker will show you a new window of “Completing the Save movie Wizard”.

If you use latest version Windows live Movie Maker on Windows Vista, you will generate a “wlmp” project file. You can convert this project to .WMV format by following these steps:

-Click the File tab in the upper-left hand corner,
-Select “Save Movie” from the dropdown;
-Choose Recommended for this project.
-Next, choose your saving destination, provide a name for your movie, then click Save.

Tips: Sometimes, you may intend to upload Windows Movie Maker videos to YouTube for sharing on the web. Here is a solution enables you to achieve export MSWMM to YouTube.

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