How to fully remove or uninstall programs from Win 7/Win XP/Vista

Recently I bought a Dell Inspiron 15R Home basic version, it use Windows 7 OS, firstly I just found it didn’t have “Network Neighborhood”, until one day I intent to remove a program from my PC, I found there do have some difference between Win XP and Win 7/Vista.

Remove program in Windows XP:
To remove a program that is installed on your computer, follow these steps:

1. Click “Start”->”Control Panel” and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
2. In the Currently installed programs box, click the program that you want to remove, and then click Remove.
3. If you are prompted to confirm the removal of the program, click “Yes”.
Tip: if the program is under your Local Disk (C:) just:
Click “Start”->”All programs”->”The program need to remove”, right click your mouse and choose “Uninstall” and repeat the step 3 above, then it is ok!

Remove program in Windows 7/Vista
Note: there is no much change in how to add remove programs and applications between Win 7 and Win Vista.
- In Windows 7/Vista click on Start and then on Control Panel.
- In Control Panel click on System and Security.
- On the left-hand side click on Programs.
- Under Programs and Features click on Uninstall a program.
- Highlight the program you want to uninstall.
- Click on Uninstall/Change. You’ll be prompted to make sure you’re certain. Click Yes.
- The program will be uninstalled and you’ll hear a sound, and see a confirmation that the program was removed.
- Click OK and you’re done.

Or remove program with Registry Editor
When the Add/Remove utility does not completely get rid of a program, the Registry Editor is an effective alternative. You can do following:
Step 1. Click “Start”->”Run”, Type “regedit” in the dialog box and press “Enter.” to open the Registry Editor.
Step 2. Navigate the following registry path on the left side of the Editor:
Step 3. Select the program that you wish to remove in the “Uninstall” folder in the left pane. Double-click -”uninstall string” in the right pane and then copy the “Value data.”
and Exit the Registry Editor.
Step 4.Repeat the first sentence in Step 1. Paste the string in the dialog box and click “OK.” This will start the removal of the program.

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