How to improve short iPhone 4S battery life

One user from Apple support says is as bad as 12 percent battery drops every 30 minutes, in which case the phone is little better than a brick.
“My iPhone 4s battery seems terrible! Almost equivalent to my 3GS and it’s terrible battery life. When I got my iPhone yesterday and restored from backup I noticed nothing really changed with minimal usage and standby! Is this normal or should I consider setting it up as a new phone because maybe something is running in the background that’s causing it to drop a percentage every few minutes under light usage? Input would be great!”

So far even we require a refund from apple won’t solve the iPhone 4S battery problem immediately, so we just find a comfortable way to make us less angry and until the Apple solution to solve it completely. To extend your iPhone’s battery while Apple builds a fix, we dug around to find the settings and features that drain the battery the most, and (for the most part) don’t affect day-to-day usage.

Here’s a rundown of the tweaks that will immediately improve your iPhone’s battery life:
1.Reset network settings
General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Enter a passcode (if you have one) and your phone will restart. No data will be lost, but you’ll be asked to re-enter your Wi-Fi passwords.

2. Turn off Location Services
General > Location Services. Turn off any location services you don’t need. Then head to System Services and disable “Location-Based iAds” and “Setting Time Zone.”

3. Don’t use location-based Reminders
This useful feature seriously drains the battery, since your phone constantly monitors your location as it waits to activate your reminders.

4. Disable Siri’s ‘Raise to Speak’ (iPhone 4S only)
Go to General > Siri and turn off “Raise to Speak,” a feature that monitors your iPhone’s light sensor to activate Siri. Until Apple releases a battery-drain fix, just hold the home button to activate Siri.

If you still don’t see improvement after applying these tweaks, check out these battery-saving tips every iPhone owner should know about.
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