How to Print Files from Android Devices Directly

In many cases, we need to print something such as document, memo, photos and more. Actually, printing those files can be very easy and simple, provided that we have got the necessary tools and are able to navigate the program using. Besies, the steps are particularly straightforward: run the printer, import the source file, change necessary details and then click print. Sometimes, when we want to print the materials like photos kept in the Android devices such as mobile phones or tablets, we will need to transfer the data to the computer before printing. Actually, things can be much easier if we are using the third-party software called Cloud Print.

It was the first app supporting Google Cloud print service in 2011. Perfectly working with a reliable printer called Cloud Ready Printers, it allows users to print files from mobile phones directly without connecting to the computer. In order to make the best use of this great service, there are several things that should be kept in mind before starting the printing: 1. Make sure that you are using Google Chrome. 2. Keep your computer connected with the printer since configuration is needed. 3. Download and install the Cloud Print app.

Step 1. Configure Google Chrome to Add Printer.

Open Google Chrome on your computer, press the menu bar, select the “Settings” and you will be guided into a new window, scroll the page down and click “Show advanced settings”, then scroll down to the “Google Cloud Print” section. Click the ‘Add printers’ button. Notes: keep in mind that you need to log into Google account before adding a printer. After adding, you can press the “Manage your printers” button to check whether the desired printer has been added or not.

Step 2. Configure Android Devices.

First you need to download the free copy of Google Print, install and run it. Then, you need to grant permission for the Google Print app to access your account by clicking “Allow access”. After that, you will see a list with the printer installed on your computer. Choose the “Cloud Print” as the default printer. Afterwards, you can print a test page to check if it works well.

Step 3. Print Material from Android Device.

Now that Google Cloud Print has been added onto the Android Device, you can directly go to the Local section, choose an individual file that you would like to print and click the “Page setup” menu bar to customize the basic settings, after all have been done, press the “Click here to Print” button, you can get your desired files soon. Or, you can open the file that you want to print in Android devices, click the “Share” option, and then you can see a menu, simply pick the “Cloud Print”, the program will transfer the material to Google Cloud Print for printing immediately.

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