How to recover files from Trash on Mac

To new OS X users, when you accidentally deleted some files. You have not yet emptied the trash and the files available. The problem is——you do not know where they need to go. It seems as though the only way to restore files from the trash is to drag them out of the trash, back to where they belong. But what are you supposed to do when you don’t know where they go?

Because there doesn’t seem to be a “restore to original location” option and you can’t find a way to show where the file was deleted from using the column view. But don’t worry, use the methods following:

Method 1:
1 Open the Trash folder, select the item or items that you want to retrieve and hit the Delete button (red circle with line through it) in the toolbar.
2. If you don’t see that button, go to View -> Customize Toolbar and drag it from the palette of available buttons to wherever you want to park it.) The item will disappear from the Trash and reappear in its original folder.

Method 2:
Open the Trash folder, selecting the item then selecting Put Back from the File menu;
You can also implement Put Back by selecting the item, Control- or right-clicking on it, then selecting Put Back from the contextual menu, or by selecting the item and pressing Command-Delete.

Method 3:
If you delete something accidentally, and want to get it back, you can also press Command-Z immediately to undo the trashing.

Method 4:
If you are the guy use mouse often, just using the mouse. Highlight the item in the Trash and right click the mouse. Select “Put back” from the contextual menu. Done!

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