How to stream music to Kindle Fire step by step

How do you transfer musics to Amazon Cloud then to Kindle Fire library, how do you transfer iTunes music to Kindle Fire by Amazon Cloud. May be you’ve got it, it’s good, may be you not, then this article will help you.
First, your PC
If you have an Amazon account, then you already own five gigabytes of free space on its Cloud Drive. If you’re having trouble accessing your Cloud Drive, go here to get things started.

Next, on your PC, go to the Amazon MP3 page and click the Cloud Player banner in the upper-right corner.
Sign in with your Amazon account and click “Upload your music” from the upper-left corner and then click “Download Now” to download the MP3 Uploader. Once downloaded, open the Uploader and follow the default instructions to install it.
Once installed, the Uploader will scan your PC’s hard drive for MP3s to upload. After scanning finishes, select the MP3s you want uploaded and click “Start upload.”
Depending on how much music you have to upload, this may take awhile, so go make a intricately detailed sandwich or whatever it is you do while passing the time.
Now, your Kindle Fire
With your Kindle Fire, make sure you’re signed in with the correct Amazon account for the music you just uploaded and tap the “Music” tab. Then tap the “Cloud” tab.
There you’ll see your entire uploaded music library. If you’re on a Wi-Fi connection, you can either tap a song to stream it or perform a long tap to download it to your Fire.
Once downloaded, you can access your songs by tapping “Device” and finding them there.

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