How to upload Flip video to Facebook on Mac?

Flip camcorder gains  good reputation for easy-to- carry, its small size, affordable price, recording video in HD quality, , lightweight, etc. Flip video cameras allow you to snap photos or shoot video anywhere you go. Shoot cool Flip video by your Flip camcorder and want to upload  and share them with Facebook friends, but do you know what to do? Many Flip camcorder fans complain their voice via Yahoo answer and other ask-answer website.

“I got a Flip Video for Christmas last year, and i have no clue how to upload my videos onto Facebook, my friends really want to see this video i took in class today.Do i need the Flip Application? Please help me! Thanks”

As we known, FlipShare application is already on the Flip video camera, you can quickly import photos and videos to your Mac, attach them to email messages or even upload and share them with your Facebook friends.

Here step by step upload Flip video to Facebook to share with friends on mac

Step1: Install FlipShare on the Mac

Connect the USB cable to the Flip video camera and an empty USB port on the computer. When the “AutoPlay” window appears, click the “View your Flip Videos” option

Step2: Import Flip video to FlipShare

Launch FlipShare on your Mac by clicking the desktop icon. Click “File” and then “Import” on the FlipShare menu bar.

Select the folder on your Mac where you want to save the imported Flip videos. Click the “OK” button and wait for FlipShare to import videos from the camera.

Step3: Select the video you want to share on Facebook by clicking on it once. Then click the Online button from the Share panel. If you want to upload all videos in FlipShare, click the “All” button.

Step4: Click the blue Facebook icon at the bottom of the FlipShare window. Click and select “Facebook” on the “Select a sharing site” pop-up window. Click the “Next” button.

select Facebook

Step5: Click the “Login” button on the “Sign In” window. When prompted on the Facebook Login to allow account access to FlipShare, click the “Connect” button.

login Facebook

Step6: Click the “Allow” button on the “Allow Constant Authorization” screen. Click the “Allow Publishing” button when prompted.

Step7: Click the “Share” button. FlipShare uploads the videos to your Facebook account and creates links to the videos on your profile page. The bottom left corner of the main FlipShare interface will now display the upload status. Once the upload has completed, the status will change to Items successfully posted to Facebook, Click the “Go to Facebook video album” link when prompted to view the videos in your Facebook account.


Tips:Because the FlipShare application is already on the Flip video camera, there is no software to download or complicated installation procedure. In many cases, you need to install  the Flip video converter for mac software, converter/transfer Flip videos to Apple editing application such as iMovie, FCP, FCE  and portable devices.

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