How to upload Kodak Easyshare video to your Facebook

Early this year, Kodak released three new style of Kodak Easyshare cameras and show these Easyshare cameras off : Kodak Easyshare Mini which is Kodak’s smallest camera, Kodak Easyshare Sport which is Kodak’s first waterproof camera, Kodak Easyshare Touch which has a high resolution touchscreen LCD .

I am especially interested in the Kodak Easyshare Mini and have purchased one. I would like to give a brief review about this camcorder.

10 megapixels
2.4″ 320×240 LCD
3x optical zoom (29–87mm equivalent)
Compact design
US: $99.95 in Kodak online store

Very tiny indeed
Pictures are comparable to other cheap cameras
Convenient after bothersome initial setup

Setup is a pain
Tiny buttons and d-pad no fun for navigation, typing
Kodak software required for sharing options
Only have a 32 MB SD card

It’s a good buy for kids and young ladies who can’t spare much purse space, especially whose who love self portrait.

Then let’s go to the subject: how to upload the videos from Kodak Easyshare to Facebook.

As is known to us, most of the Kodak videos are in MOV format. Speaking of which the above mentioned three cameras record videos in AVI or MP4/H.264 format. All those format can be accepted by Facebook. So you can share your videos to Facebook with the Kodak default Easyshare software as ease.

Steps are as follow.
1. Connect Kodak EasyShare camera to your computer with USB
2. Turn on the camcorder, then wait for the Software Download dialog box to appear.
3. Download and install the software Kodak EasyShare on computer.
4. Disconnect the USB cable from camcorder and computer
5. Push the Share button located on the back of the EasyShare camera, then select the video you want to upload to Facebook.
6. Press the up or down arrow button to scroll through the available social networking sites, and among them select Facebook.
7. Press OK to confirm the setting. Press the up or down arrow button again to choose Done, then press OK to confirm your video selection.
8. Plug the camera and USB cable back into the computer and select the video you chose to upload to Facebook
9. lick Save and wait for the EasyShare camera to send the video to Facebook.

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