Main reasons why you buy Kindle Fire

According to readers’ feedback, Kindle Fire is suitable for those who do not often go outside or always stay in WiFi coverage area. Nook Tablet is better for the users who often go out and move frequently.
Main reasons why you buy Kindle Fire not Nook Tablet:
1. Amazon Prime: If you buy Kindle Fire,“Free” videos and books (Kindle Owners’ Lending Library) and free two-day shipping on Amazon orders are included for the first month at no cost, though it costs $79 per year to maintain. If you are interested in the Prime service, Kindle Fire is undoubtedly a good choice.
2. Customized interface: Unlike smart phone or PC, Kindle Fire’s customize user interfaces are rather simple, while, they are good.
3. Cloud Storage:the Kindle Fire users have the access to free 5GB cloud storage, they can upload any music, photos, videos, or documents they want access to.Amazon promise to let users re-download their purchased content from the Cloud storage. If you feel 5GB is a little small to use, you can purchase additional storage as well.
4. Offline video downloads: Some, though not all, of Amazon’s digital video library can be downloaded for offline playback.
Kindle Fire is excellent, though, its video function is average. It can only play MP4 video files. So, if you want to watch various movies on Kindle Fire, a Kindle Fire converter may help you which can all HD and SD formats including AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, MOD, TOD, AVI, WMV,etc to MP4 with ease. With this video to Kindle Fire you will be able to watch all videos on Kindle Fire!
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