Problems with lost audio on PS3 MPEG / M2TS files from DVD

From PS3 “Types of files that can be played” list, we can see PS3 is a superb all-in-one video player device gift by Sony. The more perfect, the more expectation we place on. Can it play MPEG, M2TS files from DVD fluently on PS3.

“Hi There,
I’m converting some of my DVDs into MPG2 using Any DVD and Roxio 10 (Convert Video option. Rip DVD to hard drive and convert from there ). These are to be stored on a FreeAgent Ext. HDD that I have connected to my PS3. I’m very happy with the results of the video, audio, and the time taken to convert.

My problem is:
Some of these MPG2s are over 4Gb. The HDD is Fat32, so I can’t get them on there.
I’ve tried to split the MPG2s with TMPGEnc, and the audio disappears.
I’ve tried demuxing (again with TMPEnc) and trying several different audio formats (wav,mp3)– no joy.
I’ve tried to output the individual chapters of the movie (again with Roxio) and again no audio.”
From labs DivX forum

This situation is not the one we would saw, we only Simply want to play MPEG or M2TS on PS3 with video and audio together, just for this. If you have suffered much like the above friend but still no satisfactory answear, it’s time to try the professional M2TS. MPEG to PS3 Converter for Mac which enables you to convert M2TS from Blu-ray DVD, Camcorder, MPEG from DVD, TV show etc. Any MPEG, M2TS to PS3 directly then you can best play your movies on PS3.
Following is the screen shot(it offer free trial version):

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