Produce better Audio quality for your Android

This how to blog post is for users who use Android Gingerbread music player.

step 1. Grab Equalizer from the Android Market, and open the app. See several preset values for different types of music will be showed. If you’re a lazy guy, you can select one of these settings or even the autodetect option check box and be done.

step 2. Navigation in the app is done by sliding to the right and left for other screens with more options. If you go one screen to the right, you can view custom presets. However, if you haven’t created any of these yet, then simply click the green plus sign to add a new one.

Step 3. Sliding to the next screen on the right will show you a live equalizer that can be adjusted. Here you can click the play button to listen to a sample track, open a song from your own music, or even save your settings.

The last. To turn on Equalizer’s Bass Booster, Virtualizer, and Reverb. You’ll need to press the power button in the top-right corner of the app, and then check off which features you’d like to enable in order to adjust each.

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