Quit and Discard Window Problem on Lion

Quit and Discard Windows will usually stop Lion from reopening documents when you start an app up again. But watch out: there’s a twist in the tail. Find out what makes some files still open up again and how to change the behaviour.

Lion tends to automatically open Quit and Discard Windows when you quit an app. This can be very handy or very annoying! Here’s how it works and how to make sure you’re not disturbed and confused by this new feature.

In Lion here’s an experiment to try.
Open Safari and visit a website, perhaps Doremisoft.net
Quit Safari.
Open Safari again.

Lion saves documents and restores windows
What you should see is that when you open Safari again it automatically calls up Doremisoft.net, even though this time you didn’t need to type in the address.

That’s because Lion often restores whatever windows were open when you quit an app.

Quit and Discard Windows
Restoring windows is a very handy feature, and certainly helps for those times when the battery goes dead or you quit and forget to save, or you have to restart the machine.

It’s not so handy though when it opens up a confidential document when you were trying to show a visitor the story of your holiday, or when the web browse shows your partner the site you were buying a surprise gift from.

So you have the option to Quit and Discard Windows. Then when you open the app again it will start up fresh and not show those documents.

1. Hold down the Option key and choose Quit and Discard Windows from the File menu.
2. Or press Command Option Q.
The app quits, and when you start it up again the windows that were open when you quit should not open automatically.

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