Solutions for syncing iTunes on Android phone-Part 1

Are you an iTunes fan? However, only have Android phone on hand, such as Samsung Galaxy S3. You may be fighting for syncing iTunes to phone. In the article, I would like to introduce one of the two ways to your reference.

Method 1. Use Double Twist for Windows and Double Twist for Andriod

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Double Twist has two versions available for Mac or Windows OS owners, which allows your iTunes library to journey into Android. In order to make sure the entertainments file well playback on Android, it is also equipped with a media player for Android phone-Double Twist for Andriod.

Tip: The first thing for you is to download the right version of Double Twist, according to what OS you are using.

Step 1: Download Double Twist for Windows and Double Twist for Andriod.

Step 2: Connect your Android phone to PC via USB cable. Enable USB file storage by dragging the notification shade and pressing the appropriate option (what you see is dependent on your Android device).

Step 3: Open the Start menu and enter DoubleTwist into the search box. Run the program that appears in the list above.

Step 4: Your Android device should appear under the devices heading in the left pane. Click on your device to select it.

Step 5: A bar will be displayed in the pane to the right showing how much free space is available on your Android device. Check boxes above this bar can be toggled to enable/disable automatic syncing of files.

Alternatively, you can transfer individual tracks/albums by selecting them from the Library and dragging them over your Android device in the left pane of the DoubleTwist.

This feature is covered within the free version of the DoubleTwist service. A premium version, called AirSync, is available for purchase within the Android app for $4.99.

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