Things you need to know before buy an iPad

It’s true that there isn’t one-size-fits-all answer before we buy a thing, but in the digital world and the iPad area, some things are certainly to be cared before we buy it.

From Hardware:
1. Screen: Widescreen formatted movies appear DISTORTED on the iPad’s screen.
2. Hardware: the “micro SIM” chips supported by the iPad do not leave you with much choice. This SIM is provided ONLY by AT&T.
3. Camera: NO CAMERA means that it leaves you scurrying to find a laptop if you wish to hold a video chat.
4. SD or USB ports: In the high tech world, where users are accustomed to plug-in devices, the iPad DOES NOT feature SD or USB ports. You will NEED TO BUY ADAPTORS to be able to use any plug-in device. And now USB 3.0 time is coming, don’t fall behind the digital currency.
5. Battery Life – Up to 10 hours it can last, this will able you to use the iPad during the day without having to worry bringing along the cable. And if you plan to have a Jailbreaking, some iPad will appear battery life shorten occasions for the hardware issue.

From Software
1. Multi Tasking – only one application can open at a time. So if you are thinking to download something while doing some reading then you can’t. You have to finish one task first before you can move on to the next.
2. Apple’s iPad offers 65,000 apps designed specifically for the big screen, but if you plan to spend most of your time browsing the Web or reading e-books, a huge app catalog isn’t that convenient.
3. iPad 2, give you the option to purchase 3G capabilities and a data plan for a wireless carrier, but 4G is coming in a not long future.
4. Now iMovie 1.2 is released in July and it will round out the iPad’s catalog of creativity apps.
5. IOS 5 will run on the future iPad 3 is certain, by then HP’s TouchPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 also will release, that’s worth considering if you’re uncertain about the iPad now.

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