Think about Amazon Kindle Fire 5 Things

Just to make sure that we cover all of the potential resistance to Amazon’s Kindle Fire attractively priced gizmo; let’s go over the five things that may remove the Kindle Fire from your holiday shopping check list.

1. There’s No Camera

The lack of a camera won’t be a deal breaker to most buyers, but if you wanted a pair of Kindle Fires to communicate with a faraway friend or relative, you’re out of luck.

2. There’s No Microphone

The Kindle Fire has reasonably adequate internal speakers, but there is no microphone.

3. The Screen Isn’t as Big as the iPad’s

By the numbers, there may not seem to be much difference between the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen and the Kindle Fire’s 7-inch display, but do the math to find the true area, and the numbers become 45 square inches and 21 square inches: That’s right — the Fire’s viewing surface is less than half as large.

4. There’s No 3G Connectivity

The Kindle Fire — and Barnes and Noble’s (BKS) Nook Tablet — only come in WiFi models. There are no versions that come with 3G chips for perpetual connectivity when the user leaves a WiFi hotspot.

5. The Kindle Fire Is Not the iPad 2

Surfing the web, streaming video, listening to music, and countless other tablet functions are similar. The Kindle Fire doesn’t have some of the built-in apps that Apple’s iOS devices have, such as email readers, weather forecasts, and calculators, but these are software upgrades that will come over time.


Price is arguably the biggest feature of the Fire; it’s $300 less than the cheapest iPad, so someone could buy two-and-a-half Fires for the price of one iPad, something consumers should keep in mind if they want multiple tablets this year. The Kindle Fire will have a 7-inch IPS LCD gorilla glass display with 16 million colors. So it’s a very pleasant thing for us to take it and watch videos on Kindle Fire but Kindle Fire can only play MP4 video format, at first, you need to convert video to Kindle Fire MP4 video format for play video on Kindle Fire, watch video on Kindle Fire.

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