Top 5 Media Apps for Andriod smartphones in 2012

It is a big fun for some people that watch movies or TV in their spare time. However, your smartphone can’t refuse to work because of the file format incompatibility, you may feel frustrated. As we know that Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S3 can accept limited file formats like MP4, WMV, H.264, DivX,etc.

In the sense, multiple media player applications come for solving the hassle. Here, I list the best 5 Media applications for Android smartphones.

1. RockPlayer Lite:
RockPlayer Lite is one of the most popular and universally compatible video players. Various video files work flawlessly on it.

There’s an on-screen brightness control, volume control and even screen adjustment options — some of the basic requirements to watch video on an Android smartphone. Throw in any file format other than the x264 encoded mkv files and this player will amaze you with smooth playback.

The only thing missing in RockPlayer is a good looking user interface, though the one used is very light and fast.

2. MoboPlayer
MobPlayer is one of the best and most liked video player available for free in the Android Market. The player delivers a good playback quality and don’t pixelate the videos. You can enjoy HD videos very smoothly and the player supports all major video formats. Android users feel joy while using this player and its interface look simple and easy to use for any novice user.

It can stream online HTTP videos. Also, it has some favourite options for users, such as manage the play-list effectively to play multiple files, adjust brightness, volume and player controls, MKV or MOV file formats supported and more.

3. VPlayer
Another great video player that comes very close to MoboPlayer is VPlayer. It supports hardware acceleration and supports popular video formats like 3GP, MKV, M4V, MKV, TS and MOV. Also, you can use Facebook and Gmail videos directly from your VPlayer itself. Another great news about VPlayer is that you can check a free trial for seven days with complete features. So, you can check the player on your Android phone before going to buy a pro version. VPlayer v 1.4.2 provides zoom/pinch support and re-designed attractive logo.

Compared with MoboPlayer, it run less battery power and can handle different audio codecs and supports advanced subtitles. The same as MoboPlayer, it can also support HTTP streaming with variable bit-rate.

4. QQ Player
This video player has one of the best user interfaces we’ve seen. However, several users might face the space crunch since the app is a massive 10 MB in size. It impresses with fluent and smooth playback of heavy mkv and avi files. It also supports plugins to display subtitles with the video.

At times the timed screen lock/time out can be annoying and that’s why this app has a Screen Lock feature, which prevents any such annoyance while a movie is playing. QQ Player plays several video file formats smoothly and adapts to the limited resources of the device to give compelling feedback.

5. MX Video Player

Best is to download one of those video players that offer separate codec packs. These codec packs are optimised for high quality performance based on the rendering engines supported by ARM Neon and Nvidia Tegra 2 chips.

Getting the right codec can be bit of a work but once it’s done, you are sorted. This is one unique player that allows zooming in with touch gestures while the video is being played.

Note: If you don’t think the above five media application can be your best choice or try to watch movies in uncommon formats, you can have alternative: Android Video Converter, which can transcode the source file format to the file formats natively supported by Android devices. So it ensures the optimal video playback on it. As the program is desktop application, you can choose Mac version or Windows version, according to which OS your computer runs. For Mac users, you can go to Mac video converter for Android devices.

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