Use “Command + F” to quickly find the text in a Webpage

When searching a webpage we hope to find the info related or useful for us, especially that webpage is very long and have many text info to scan. Certainly it would be a big project to find the useful text in such a big words sea. But human is not glad to do spent much time to do such a thing. Just use “Command + F” can easily enhance you find the text or info you need in seconds.

Press “Command + F”, then a small search box will appear on the top of Safari,
Note that this search box appears inside the page only after you type “Command + F”. Some page automatically have the main search box in the Toolbar that lets you search the whole web is different from this one.

Command + F — Find
Command + G — Find Again
Command + Shift+G — Find Previous

How to:
1. Press Command + F to pop out the find window
2.Type the text you’re finding within the web page. In my example I was looking for a writer named new.

3.If the web browser doesn’t automatically go to the first instance of that text press Return. The first match is selected and highlighted in some way —– probably in yellow.

4. If that match isn’t the one you’re looking for either press Command + G to find the next match or use the arrows or controls beside the search box to go to the next match.

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