Which Mac to Pick?

Once you have decided to take a Mac computer, the next question is Which Mac to buy?

You may feel that it would be simple to pick a Mac computer, after all, there are actually only six product lines – 3 desktop and 3 laptop to think about. But when you really make a decision, you may be confused by so many series of choices presented in the Apple Store. Yes, when it comes to choosing a Mac, one size definitely doesn’t fit all, then which Mac is right for you?

If you want to take your work from your home office or you travel a lot, you need is a laptop. Apple now offers the MacBook , the MacBook Pro , and MacBook Air .

The Notebook/Laptop – MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

If you need your laptop has a brutal processing power, or a huge screen, the option to choose would be the line Pro MacBook Pro offer larger screen sizes and resolution, 13, 15 and 17 inches, and improvements in memory and graphics card aimed at the most demanding professionals.

For example, if we have animals in Africa filming and editing our video right there, you want lots of power and display the largest and most resolution possible.

Attention to the battery the last MacBook Pro 17-inch released in January 2009, lasts up to 8 hours.

The MacBook Air is the latest technological marvel from Apple, weighs only 1.36 kilos and is incredibly nice and thin, so that fits in an envelope. To make a laptop and have sacrificed many features, no DVD, no FireWire, no Ethernet, and only a USB port, so this model is not appropriate for the needs of everyone. If you fit, if you do not need what does not, this is a great laptop with everything you need, but also will be paying that great design, of course.

The desktop – iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini

Without doubt, the most attractive team full range of Apple is the iMac. Suitable for the whole family, home and professional use. Very handy, all-inclusive flat on your screen (no tower!) Of two sizes: 21.5 inches would be the normal size, and do not be sure that it is a big screen, and 27-inch model, which is enormous. It is wonderful and 95% of our family and friends will say that the best option for your needs is an iMac , and 20-inch screen, which is large enough.

Again we also have the career choice: if we are to mount such as a video studio in which we will need full processing power, ours is a Mac Pro . These teams are a genuine outrage, with several microprocessors, possibility to add up to 16 GB of RAM and all kinds of possibilities for expansion.
This is the type of equipment that is mounted on a movie studio for advanced video editing, or in a recording studio with Pro Tools HD, or a graphic design firm, with the huge screen of 30 inch Apple . It is the flagship Apple for those who really need a very high performance, and have very high performance monitors, etc.

The Mac mini is a great idea for Apple to change your PC for a Mac advantage of PC parts. This is a very small computer that does not include monitor, keyboard and mouse.

The new model also has no DVD player , Apple is trying to advance the future with this move, in our view rightly.

The problem is that Apple has fallen half with this great idea, since the price makes it much more attractive, a little more money, the iMac basics.
As you see we have a little closer and we have not spoken or graphics cards, or megahertz, or microprocessors or motherboards, or memory marks, or boxes and fans. We could have, but not necessary.

Tips: To buy a Mac does not even have to go to the shop: we can buy it directly from the Apple Store , via internet, and in a few days we bring it home, with free shipping. The price of an Apple computer is the same in both the Apple Store online and in any store in your city.

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