Why there is no Flash player on your iPhone

Flash is Adobe’s highly popular platform for displaying interactive graphics, animations and multimedia within a browser. According to Adobe, 98 percent of desktop computers currently support Flash, which has led to its widespread use by web developers.

But for iPhone users, don’t hold your breath waiting for the next iPhone 5 or more to support Adobe’s Flash software: Apple’s terms-of-service agreement prohibits it. And may you want to know the reasons why Apple should do this.

Reason 1: Install Flash Player will slow iPhone Safari browser speed
You can install Flash Player 10.1 beta on a Nexus One handset and it becomes slower at loading web pages than the iPhone or the HTC HD2.
It gets worse, because not only does the browser become sluggish, the iOS crashes with a memory error. So if the iPhone with Flash player but pay the cost to slow the iPhone safari loading webpage speed, that’s not wise.

Reason 2: Impact on iPhone’s Battery life.
The impact the Flash player would have on the iPhone’s battery life, this is probably quite true and Apple’s own QuickTime framework is undoubtedly optimized better for playback on the iPhone.

Reason 3: YouTube
YouTube——–the largest provider of Flash video format files, probably have their own application on the iPhone. This YouTube application actually plays video that has been re-rendered into H.264 instead of the Flash FLV format, thereby doing away with one of the reasons for FLV support in Safari.

How to play flash video on iPhone?
If you have tons of flash videos and desire to put it into iPhone, or you download a series flash movies from large flash website need to watch on your iPhone. Just do a further step to convert these flash videos to iPhone H.264 videos by professional Flash to iPhone Video Converter, life shouldn’t be so many impossibility, isn’t it?

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