A Glimpse at LG’s upcoming Optimus G2

Couples of days ago, an official invitation was sent out by LG, suggesting that it would like to show us something special—most likely to be “Great 2 Have You”—reference to the rumored G2 flagship at the New York gathering on August 7th. Although, there’s very little key information we can access to, since LG is coy of displaying the phone itself, we could infer that it would be a smartphone-centric affair based on the LG and Qualcomm’s recent teasing, claiming that a Snapdragon 800 CPU would be featured for new Optimus G packing. As the saying goes “A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples”, much discussion and speculation about the mysterious “LG G2” provoked in public. Although there’s still one month before we can figure out a lot more, some details provided by the anonymous tipster gives us a pretty clear idea of what it’ll look like.

As shown in the picture, most design elements of this G2 flagship fall in line with its prior Nexus series (made by LG). At the bottom of the phone shipped the USB connector, while there is one speaker on each side of it. Besides, the power button, camera and volume keys are integrated onto the upper back so as to keep the phone in an ultra-thin design. However, some people are wondering that “I still didn’t understand the logic of mounting those keys on the back? How is it possible to manipulate those keys when placed on the back of the phone?”. Furthermore, we can see clearly from the image that, the rumored G2′s 5.2-inch, 1080p display is surrounded by very little bezel, making it appear near edge-to-edge, “a phone with buttonless front? doesn’t appeal to me,” a said one user disappointedly. As for the camera UI and LG’s various lock screen options, we don’t know much about them—likely have to wait till August 7th. Will LG bring us any other surprise in this the hot dog summer? Just wait and see.
Update: We’ve received additional photos of the G2′s settings menu confirming this model as a Sprint variant running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
Update 2: 4Leakz has posted a video (after the break) showing the G2 in action. Reportedly, the phone is “very comfortable” and reminiscent of the Nexus 4, but thinner.

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