Amazon Kindle Fire rise sharply brings patent suit

Since Oct 5 Jobs death, Apple’s main competitors including Samsung, HTC and Amazon stock price has raised much. This no doubt gives the competitor changes to overcome Apple. Recently, Amazon released kindle Fire and other 3 models of e-book reader and the cheapest one lower to $79. These 3 models are two Kindle Touch with touch function and another Kindle with physical button.

People may consider who will benefit most from the Amazon Kindle Fire rise sharply? But before the problem, the rise sharply has brings patent suit.

Smartphone Technologies, owned by patent collecting and licensing firm Acacia Research Corporation, claimed that the Kindle Fire infringes four of its patents , news site PaidContent reported Monday. Amazon unveiled the US$199, Android-powered tablet in late September.

The alleged patent violations cover commonplace features used on many touchscreen tablets and smartphones, including tapping on an icon to perform an action, according to the report.

Smartphone Technologies has also gone after other tech bigwigs including Apple and Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the iPhone and BlackBerry handsets respectively, it said.

PaidContent added that a review of lawsuits filed by Acacia in March and October of last year showed that its corporate targets have so far refused to settle and are digging in for a drawn-out court battle.

Initially the Tablet supplier should benefit the most from the Amazon affordable Tablet, but the parent suit likely bring bad influence to Amazon, as well as the price of Kindle Fire price.

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