Amazon Tablet: More an E-reader, Less tablet ?

Amazon Tablet was reported as runs Android 2.2 OS, has a 7-inch color touchscreen, and carries a boatload of hooks into Amazon’s on-line content. Some rumors even predict it will be a potential iPad killer–heady praise for a product that hasn’t been announced.

But research from firm IDC released some interesting data this morning regarding tablet shipments for Q2 of 2011 as well as predictions for the second half of the year. Beating estimates, tablet shipments are now expected to reach 62.5 million in 2011, up from the original forecast of 53.5 million units. Apple’s iPad 2 shipments continue to surge as Android slips and RIM enters. WebOS share will disappear by Q1 of 2011 and the much anticipated Amazon tablet is actually an e-reader.

Its key Spec:
7-inch touch-screen display (though one assumes other screen sizes will be released)
6GB of storage
Single Core CPU
Wi-Fi equipped
USB port
Dual speakers
Kindle version of Android OS
$250 price point
Free Amazon Prime account with purchase

Which raises the question: Is the IdeaPad an e-reader too? I suspect few industry watchers would categorize it as such, despite its small size and aggressively low price. In fact, it costs only $10 more than Amazon’s $189 Kindle 3G, which no one would call a tablet.

Perhaps price will be the new Mason-Dixon Line separating tablets from e-readers. IDC expects “major vendors” (such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble) to sell their current-generation black-and-white e-readers for less than $100 by the holiday season.”

The expectation for Amazon’s tablet, however, will not benefit the Android tablet share, as IDC is considering the much rumored slate to be an e-reader that will compete directly with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color rather than Apple’s iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1 or BlackBerry PlayBook.
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