Apple Sept. 12 Event Hints at iPhone 5

Apple yesterday sent out press invites for its Setp. 12 event in San Francisco. No details about the event yet, but from the look of the invite, the shadow hits at Apple’s next generation iPhone – the iPhone 5.

According to a report in iMore (, the website that in July first claimed Apple would introduce a new iPhone on Sept. 12, said then that the company would begin selling the device Friday, Sept. 21), this event may unveil its newest iPhone, the iPad mini and the final shipping version of iOS 6 on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. The new iPhone is expected to include a larger screen, LTE connectivity, a smaller dock connector, more powerful processor, new in-cell display technology and support for NFC. The phone will ship with the latest version of iOS 6.

Invitations to the media and analysts went out Tuesday for the long-expected event subsequent week, and hinted in the likely name for the iPhone refresh.

“It’s almost here” the invitation read.

The invite was generally terse, composed of those 3 words plus a graphic showing a large numeral “12″ that cast a shadow resembling the quantity “5.” In contrast to last year’s invitation, today’s did not mention the iPhone by name. Historically, Apple has been coy in regards to the topics of your events it calls on brief notice.

“It’s almost here,” the invitation read. No more details about the Sept. 12 event, but the image shadow resembling the number “5″ which hints at iPhone 5.

Most experts have pegged the following model because the “iPhone 5,” the identical label they figured will be utilised final year. Then, Apple fooled the prognosticators by dubbing the 2011 version as “iPhone 4S.”

“Oh, I consider they gave in to demand,” mentioned Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technologies Company Investigation, concerning the likelihood of the new model being named iPhone five. “It’s currently cost them.”

Gottheil was referring towards the short-lived backlash last fall by consumers and bloggers disappointed that Apple pegged that year’s model because the iPhone 4S when a much more aggressive upgrade had been expected.

Because of Apple’s secrecy, which CEO Tim Cook mentioned earlier this year had been “doubled down,” little is definitively recognized about the iPhone five. Speculation has mounted, as it usually does prior to an Apple product launch, and has focused on a bigger screen along with a much more potent processor.

“Some in the leaks are precise,” said Gottheil. “We’ll see a considerably larger screen using the similar width, a reasonable hand-holding width. And I feel Apple will strengthen the antennas. The iPhone features a reputation as an amazing device but a mediocre telephone.”

Also within the cards, mentioned Gottheil, had been a a lot more strong SoC, or Technique on a Chip, the Apple-designed silicon; a slimmer docking port; and assistance for the more quickly LTE information networks that carriers have rolled out with varying degrees of achievement.

Apple debuted LTE help within this year’s iPad.

“And although it is a lengthy shot, they might also involve some form of biometric safety,” speculated Gottheil.

In July, Florida-based AuthenTec, known for its fingerprint sensors embedded into notebooks and mobile phones, stated Apple was acquiring the organization for just over $356 million. AuthenTec stockholders will vote Oct. 4 on the merger proposal.

“It’s a long shot, for the reason that I don’t believe it really is ready for the iPhone,” Gottheil explained. “To function, it has to be each pretty darn safe and pretty darn constant.”

The Cupertino, Calif. firm can also be expected to launch iOS 6, the following version of its mobile operating program, alongside the Sept. 12 debut with the iPhone 5. Apple initial revealed iOS 6 in June at its annual developers conference.

Among the options expected in iOS 6 are an Apple-created mapping service — Google’s Maps will no longer appear because the default — and improvements to the Siri voice-activated digital assistant.

The putative iPhone 5 event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, where Apple has staged numerous product launches, most recently for the new iPad in March. The iPhone launch is always to kick off at 10 a.m. PT.

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