Duolingo Language Learning Website Brings its App into iPhone and iPad

Does the word “Duolingo” ring a bell to you? Going public in June, 2012, this free of charge on-line language learning website has attracted over 5 million people all over the world as of June, 2013. It is specially designed for the people who would like to learn a foreign language but reluctant to attend the boring learning courses. Duolingo is more convenient, interactive, interesting and efficient than the common courses. It is worth mentioning that Duolingo has got its own unique business model, which enables this great learning website completed free. Many companies will pay for Duolingo to help translate various documents which need to be translated. On the other hand, users can take this great opportunity to practice their language skills by translating these uploaded documents. This, to a certain extent, is in the interests of three sides: users can free practicing, companies get what they pay for and Duolingo make profit to keep itself innovating.

Good news is that, starting from July 11th, 2013, Duolingo makes it possible for all iPhone and iPad users to access its language-learning app. In this way, it makes their breaks and commutes more productive with iPhone and Android apps. It is said that Apple iPad will be Duolingo’s first mobile app to implement the company’s innovative monetization strategy. Interestingly, the learning process is breaking down into two sections: digestible chunks and rewarding for the progress, therefore, a user account is required for logging so as to keep track of the learning process. A single username/password combination or sign in with Face book is allowed. The provided learning modules include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Users can choose their favorite languages to learn as they wish. As we know, picking up a language is a slow process which should be conducted step by step, which’s fully realized by Duolingo. Starting off with basic words, simple sentences, and then moves into difficult content such as vocabulary, long sentences, Duolingo app gives enough time to get accustomed to the learning environment. Check out more information about Duolingo app on the iOS App Store.

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