FaceBook Poke Ranks #1 on Apple Store within Only A day after Its Release

Obviously, you may not be the only one who felt excited about FaceBook’s launch of Poke, a utility app for iOS. But to my surprise, this standalone app, as the Next Web reports, has hit the No.1 free app spot on Apple App Store within only a day after its first release.

Apparently, big companies like FaceBook and Google, will enjoy a sweet holiday thanks to Apple and iOS. It is unusual that such a utility or say special app reaches the top of free apps. Just like what Google Map did the week before, FaceBook Poke would probably do so as well.

What’s the special meaning of this, to consumers and to Apple? Believe it or not, most of iOS users, especially newbies, are more or less swayed by “what’s hot on the app store”. Therefore, it is very important the leaderboard for new users to get into the app ecosystem. Although Apple always will highlight the best and brightest of its technology to consumers, the leaderboard shows what users really like. Well, today, Poke is crowned.

Holding the No.1 position of the free apps is like having a bestselling shop in a super mall, however, new “hot” apps will spring out and reach the top quickly as Poke did. Thus, the main difficulty is to remain on top for a few more days. Can FaceBook manage this? Let’s wait and see!

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