Former Windows Phone Executive Charlie Kindel Works on “Something Secret” at Amazon

Charlie Kindel, the former Windows Phone  executive, known for building the Windows Phone 7 application platform and 3rd party ecosystem, Windows Home Server, Windows Media Center, and multiple startups, has joined Amazon to head a new and as yet undisclosed project. Kindel left Microsoft in mid 2011 to work on his own companies including BizLogr, but he is “now at Amazon working on something wonderful” described in his LinkedIn page. In the profile, he lists himself as “Director, Something Secret” at Amazon in Seattle. “I’m building a new team going after a totally new area for Amazon.” Said Kindel, “I’m hiring cloud and mobile developers and testers, program managers, and product managers.” judging by which, we can infer that “something secret” may be related to the much-rumored Amazon smartphone.

Before Kindel left Redmond to carry out his own startups, he was a high profile platform evangelist for Windows Phone. But now that he joined Amazon, he may now work on designing a smartphone powered by Android a la the Kindle Fire’s tablets of Amazon. Hints were provided by himself years ago on his personal blog Fragmentation Is Not the End of Android.  So it’s possibly an area he’s been preoccupied with for a while.

Kindel takes up his new role at Amazon, stepping down as CEO of BizLogr while remaining the company’s owner and founder. Kindel joined the company on April 1st, which is traditionally the Fool’s Day. Funny, huh? Many guys speculate that the entire announcement was an elaborate joke, but later Kindel has confirmed the news that he has genuinely joined Amazon via Twitter:

Rumors that Amazon is working on building a smartphone have been doing the rounds for years, although suggestions of a 2012 unboxing proved to be off the mark. Bloomberg also reported Amazon phone rumours last summer. More recently, a deal between Amazon and carrier billing company Bango also hints at possible preparations for a smartphone – although Amazon of course is remaining tight-lipped on the phone rumours.

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