Google Field Trip on iOS -Your Hidden Tourist Guide

Having launched the new local search app, called Google’s city guide app Field Trip for Android smart phones in September, 2012, Google Field Trip was finally available on Apple’s iOS in March, 2013.

Google is trying every effort and doing continuing great investment in local search and the Field Trip, as it is called, is exactly one of the latest exemplar. It is a voice-powered mixture, combing a hyper-local discovery tool and one of those guidebooks sold in tourist bookshops all over the world. It can detect your location via cell tower, Wi-Fi or GPS. In the meanwhile, you can find out the best places for shopping, eating, and enjoying yourself. This program runs in the background in the phone. When walking close to the places that you are interested in, a card with the details of the place pops up on the screen automatically for your reference. One cooler thing is that it can read the information to you when you connecting a handset or Bluetooth to the mobile phone. Also, you can customize your favorite catalogues such as historic places, lifestyle, offers and deals etc, based on which, Google Field Trip will throw the related information for your choice. Field Trip also provides Daily Special Offers on food, movies and entertainment, etc. With this wonderful tool, you are able to go anywhere and have fun freely; it is just like having a local friend with you as you’re travelling around the city.

“Our goal is to figure out what the one thing you need right now is, and deliver that to you,” said Google’s vise president John Hanke. “A lot of our users need assistance the most when they’re traveling. It helps to establish better connection between people and the real world around them”.

As seen from the picture below, the outlook of Field Trip on Android looks almost the same as that on iOS with clean and colorful user interface. Besides, lots of publications, TV networks, magazines and consumer brands are partnering with Google, offering lots of useful suggestions. In that way, Google Field Trip is becoming a huge POOL with rich and complete information.

However, this Field Trip is only compatible for iPad but without tablet-optimized version. Oops sorry for the iPad users!

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